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Category: Getting Unstuck

how to get unstuck movie--screen capture

You are being unrealistic. Tedium is part of adulthood.

[ 4 ] December 14, 2011

We know nothing is likely to change unless we act… yet we keep putting it off. It’s too hard, too scary. Maybe tomorrow we’ll figure it out. That’s how it is when you’re stuck. If you wouldn’t want to live your last year as you are now, help is on the way.

a small toy soldier is stuck in quicksand

10 Mental quicksand pits and how to get unstuck

[ 2 ] November 17, 2011

We all feel stuck from time to time. Here are a few patterns I’ve noticed about being stuck and how to extricate yourself.

The Baker family with their RV

How Adam Baker paid off $18,000 in debt: an interview

[ 0 ] September 20, 2011

Money can be one of the most stressful things in the world. After I quit my job, I started worrying more about money. I have my freedom fund to live off of–it’s not that I’m broke–but it still makes me kind of nervous not to have that cash infusion I used to get every two […]

Overcome fear and follow your dreams.

Stop letting fear hold you back and start doing what you want.

[ 5 ] August 23, 2011

Anything worthwhile that you can do, will likely scare you. You probably woke up today wanting more. But something got in your way, didn’t it? Fear. It’s time to overcome fear and start controlling your own life.

A guy climbs over a barbed wire fence.

What’s holding you back?

[ 23 ] August 2, 2011

Many people have told me they wish they could quit their jobs like I have. Most think it takes magic or special advantages to do that–not true! Here’s the real story on how I followed my dreams, and you can, too.

A pea plant grows despite numerous obstacles trying to hold it back

It’s time for a new adventure

[ 14 ] July 18, 2011

Fear is the common enemy that unites us. It’s time to break its hold. Just think about the great things you could be doing if you weren’t afraid. Then multiply that by everyone here at 17000 Days. If we took fear out of the equation and every one of us started doing the things we’re best and most passionate at, imagine what a difference we’d make in the world!

An elaborate to-do list

Productivity for procrastinators: how to focus

[ 12 ] March 24, 2011

Know what you need to do but can’t make yourself get to work? Here’s how to beat procrastination, get things done, and start enjoying your work.

iguana chillin' in a tree

What’s worse than lizard brain, and how to keep it from holding you back

[ 8 ] March 18, 2011

Some think fear comes from our lizard brain, but my lizard was intrepid, determined, and bold. I say fear comes from our second grade brain. Here’s what to do about it.

Dark, scary woods represent fear to some

Seven ridiculous fears I had last month and how I kicked all their asses

[ 14 ] February 28, 2011

Our chances of going hungry, being eaten by tigers, or falling off a cliff are vanishingly small. So are we happy? No, we get busy fearing smaller things instead. Even when the things we fear are excruciatingly tiny and ridiculous, the fear can still stop us if we let it.

Skipping work to walk on my favorite mountain

Are you overdue to pull a Ferris?

[ 12 ] February 9, 2011

If you could do anything in the world today, what do you want most of all to do?


Wait, don’t jump out of the plane after all! (an alternate view on fear)

[ 13 ] February 2, 2011

Everybody’s talking about confronting your fear head-on and jumping out of planes. What to make of someone advising the opposite?

roller derby girl: ain't nobody getting in her way!

10 Tips for Getting Out of Your Own Way

[ 7 ] January 29, 2011

You want to do something, but… you put it off, you think about all the things that could go wrong, maybe you talk yourself out of trying at all. If you would just get out of your own way, imagine what you could accomplish! Here are 10 tips to help.