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Psyched and inspired, or full of post-holiday blargh?

[ 0 ] January 4, 2018 |

Happy New Year!

It seems like people have one of two reactions to the first week of January. Either they bounce into the new year refreshed and fired up, all ready to make this the best year ever! Or they drag themselves back to work, feeling tired, lethargic, and disoriented.

I’ve experienced both myself. Wherever you are now, it’s not too late to get happy and inspired for a great start to 2018! I’ve made a short PDF workbook to help you get grounded in the energy of possibility.

cover mockup for free PDF workbook

This is my gift to you! Click the button below to get the fun, inspiring workbook.


My vision for 2018

Vision for 2018My theme words are elation and peace. I’m super inspired and excited to keep learning, growing, and transforming this year. For me, the best part of 2017 was reconnecting to spirituality, which was all but absent from my life for many years. Whether you call it Spirit, God, The Universe, or whatever, I’ve gotten my first tastes of what life feels like when your work is a joy-filled dance with The Creator. My main goal for 2018 is to practice that so it fills more and more of my life.

Within that, my two main efforts are Creative Director and Project Bestseller. In 2017, I got the clarity from a friend and now-client that My Thing is being a Creative Director—helping clients to get super clear on the heart of their business and to express it in a way that’s irresistible to their ideal clients. This is awesome because it brings together my three favorite things: writing, design, and coaching.

In 2018, I want one main client for this work, and I want it to be such an inspiring, aligned fit that we make incredible magic together and my work brings them at least a 10x return on what they pay me.

Meanwhile, as you may know, my last career was helping people finish and publish their books. I still do a little of that, and it’s a blast. In all the work I did, the one aspect of this that I never mastered was marketing the books.

This year, I want to turn at least half a dozen books into bestsellers, including my own. My goal for my books is to get them selling and bringing me leads, to the point where revenue from royalties and e-product sales is $6000/month. Current revenue from these things is in the double digits, so this is an audacious goal! At the same time, there are many examples of people doing it, and I’ve been reading all their books. 🙂 There’s no reason I can’t do it, too.

What’s your vision for 2018? If you’re not sure yet, be sure to get the workbook and let it guide you.

Here’s wishing you love, inspiration to you, and exactly the 2018 you want most!


Want More?

If you’d like some support in clarifying your vision and making the most of 2018, I’ve got something for you! This month, I have space for two clients for Inspiration, Vision, and Clarity 2018. This is a one-on-one coaching package including:

  • A VIP Day to help you get clear on where you are, what you want for 2018, and exactly what you need to get there. This can be either in-person as one glorious, inspiring day of coaching and co-creating, or it can be done over Zoom in two sessions.
  • Two follow-up coaching sessions to help you integrate and implement after our VIP Day. (Additional support is also available beyond that if you want it.)
  • Bonus: Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Debrief. This powerful tool can help you learn to control the energy you bring to your life and work, and intentionally create more, better energy in your life.

The investment for Inspiration, Vision, and Clarity 2018 is $1,500.

Click here to apply.

About Cara Stein: I'm a Breakthrough Coach and Creative Director On Demand. I'm also an idealist who has stopped trying to play it cool. I offer alignment, clarity, and unshakeable belief in yourself—and then I help you bring your vision to life with great sales copy and graphic design.

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