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How to transform someone’s day in 2 minutes or less

[ 6 ] July 20, 2012 |
All you need is love

Image by Swamibu on Flickr. Creative Commons License.

Once upon a time (a.k.a. this morning), I woke up feeling grumpy, anxious, and overwhelmed. (Also, fat and whiny–just to complete the picture.) Around 9:00, the phone rang, and my first reaction was, “What now?!”

It was my dad, calling to tell me he loves me and is proud of me.

…That’s it.

I kept expecting there to be something else. (News? Has someone died? Do you need help? What’s the rest???) But there wasn’t. It was just a simple, sweet verbal love note.

Suddenly, I realized I never call someone unless I have news, need help, have a question, or know they’ll be mad if I don’t. This call was none of those, and it sure turned my day around. Bravo, Daddy, and thanks!

Why did I share this story with you? So you could steal the idea, of course! Just imagine if each person in the 17000 Days community let one person know how much they’re loved and valued. That’s about 1400 people suddenly having awesome days. Hell yeah–let’s do it!

Thanks for being part of 17000 Days! You rock!

I say that a lot, but I really do mean it. My work would be meaningless without you. Thanks for living intentionally, thanks for reading, and thanks for being here.

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  1. Lucas says:

    Thanks for pointing this out! I realized I did just that, only make calls when I need something… The reactions after my calls where so nice! Thx for being there! You rock too!

  2. steve werner says:

    I love to call people to make them laugh!!

    Most of the calls I get are 911’s now that I think about it.

    I’ve reinvented myself many times. Like everyday!!!

    Hard for common people to imagine.

    great post


  3. dan says:

    nice, but requires some vulnerability

  4. Ian says:

    Smiling at complete strangers also works it doesn’t have to be love from a family member and you need to give love too. Pay it forward.

  5. Perfect, I love it. Bravo to your dad!! And to you for pointing it out and passing along the message..

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