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Do you love your life?

If you won the lottery, would you keep doing the same things you’re doing now? What about if you knew you only had six months left?

For most of us, there’s a lot we would change, but we never seem to get around to doing anything about it.

Change doesn’t have to be drastic. A tiny mental shift can make a huge difference in how you feel each day.

We’ll show you how–that’s what 17000 Days is about. Please join us. Sign up to the right.

Don’t wait for cancer or the lottery–your life starts now.


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Image by net_efekt on Flickr. Creative Commons License.

What if your Dig Deep button broke?

I know I’m not the only one who seems to get around to solitude, creativity, and recharging only after all the “serious work” is done (i.e., never, in some cases). What if you broke your Dig Deep button and put coming alive first?

Image by Tambako The Jaguar on Flickr. Creative Commons License.

What do you need right now?

Have you ever been so tired, you find yourself wailing despairingly, “I just want to go to bed!” …when you’re already on your way there?

Image by Armosa Studios. Creative Commons License.

Two days of inspiration in one small burst

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you say to someone when you’re being uncool.”
– Almost Famous

Image by Jayt74 on Flickr. Creative Commons License.

Celebrating an Ecstatic Goodbye + 50% off Beyond Fear

It’s a year ago today that I gathered the last few things out of my office, took my name plate off the door, and walked out for the last time–a free woman. Here’s the secret most people won’t tell you: exciting = terrifying + awesome.

Image by Swamibu on Flickr. Creative Commons License.

How to transform someone’s day in 2 minutes or less

Once upon a time (a.k.a. this morning), I woke up feeling grumpy, anxious, and overwhelmed. (Also, fat and whiny–just to complete the picture.) Around 9:00, the phone rang…