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All you need is love

How to transform someone’s day in 2 minutes or less

Once upon a time (a.k.a. this morning), I woke up feeling grumpy, anxious, and overwhelmed. (Also, fat and whiny–just to complete the picture.) Around 9:00, the phone rang…


On quitting my job and freedom

I sat at my beige desk, surrounded by beige walls and beige bookcases. The ceiling vent inexorably blew cold air on my neck, as it had every day for four years. I felt the beginnings of my daily boredom headache taking root as the afternoon stretched on, snagged and stuck on the eternal 2:33 pm.

"I am drawn to fire."

Creativity, passion, fire–the mysterious ways of The Pull

Sometimes, you’re so fired up, your energy feels like a big glistening color-filled bubble in your chest, pulling you irresistibly toward creativity and success. But then there are the other times. If you’ve experienced The Pull, and then experienced the lack of it, you know what a slog it can be to try to work when it’s gone. So, what can you do?

a line drawing of an anxious brain, representing the way highly sensitive people feel in many situations

Are you highly sensitive?

I used to think something was wrong with me. I need to eat frequently or I get grumpy, then stupid. Shrill noises give me a headache. I can’t think when there’s too much going on or if there’s a loud environment. A scratchy tag in my shirt can ruin my whole day. If someone makes a careless remark, it can bother me for days afterward. Sound familiar?

A car speeding toward you--the first step to overcoming fear?

On cubicles, a death wish, and how I bought back my life

I stood frozen, watching the car speed toward me. It was a deer-in-the-headlights moment: I knew I had to get out of the way, but there I stood, rooted to the spot as the car got closer.

children on a water ride demonstrate different reactions to fear

How do you approach fear? Fun quiz

How do you approach fear? Take this quiz!

What's holding you back? (Free Guide)

What’s holding you back? (Free Guide)

If you could do anything, if nothing was holding you back and there were no rules, no constraints, no money problems, no judgmental faces… what would you do?

overcoming fear: standing on the edge of a cliff

Warning: Are you running from the wrong thing? (I was.)

I’m afraid of lots of things: car accidents, getting mugged, running out of money, being laughed at, getting rejected, failing. I’m kind of used to those fears. But this was something different.

a dream image: a person in a bubble floating away, pulled by a balloon

Will you help me test a fairy tale?

Legend has it that if you make enough initial sales, Amazon will take over promoting your book for you. Amazon works their magic selling, and you can get on with writing your next masterpiece. Is it too good to be true, or a dream come true? Help me find out.

My favorite method of overcoming fear: autocross

Overcoming fear in the sunshine with barbecue and Miatas

There are two main ways people suggest when they tell you how to overcome fear: gradually expanding your comfort zone by taking baby steps, or leaping outside your comfort zone and letting it spring out to catch up with your new position. Last weekend, I revisited my favorite fear-conquering leap: autocross.

overcome sadness and learn how to feel better

Let go and do more: One piece of the puzzle

When you fight against yourself, you’re guaranteed to lose. Here’s one way to stop struggling against yourself and your feelings.

Live life to the fullest by overcoming fear: take off your mask!

Taking off the mask I didn’t even know I was wearing

I pride myself on being real, but I feel like I’ve been putting on a false front here lately. It’s made it impossible for me to work. I’m tired of being afraid, so today I spill all.